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2020, se realizar de acuerdo a la posibilidad de circulacin prevista por el Gobierno Municipal y disposiciones de.M.S.A.

(terminaciones de Cdula de Identidad, pares e impares).

Horario DE atencin: DE 9:00 A 12:00 Hrs.

Tomar nota: agradeceremos tomar EN cuenta este cronograma para evitar SU desplazamientonsultas LOS DAS NO habilitados para determinados procedimientos.

EL inicieguimiento DE LOS diferentes trmites, podrn realizarlos LOS interesadoamiliares EN primer grado.

LAS consultas VIA telefnica, SE atendern solamente LOS DAS QUE LOS funcionarios realizan teletrabajo DE 8:00 A 15:00 Hrs.

Divisin DE gestiones admisioneegistros.

La Paz, 4 de septiembre 2020 #umsalaMejor, see More.

Euroscepticism and European Parliament elections.

Edalina Rodrigues Sanches, national economic issues overshadowed European topics.

In Portugal the 2014 European Parliament elections were held in the upshot of the three-year Economic Adjustment Programme (EAP which had been subscribed by the Socialist Party (PS the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Democratic and Social Centre-Popular Party (CDS-PP) in May 2011.

Due to this timing, much of what was debated during the campaign had to do with the effects that this programme has had on the economy and with whether the country would be able to negotiate an Irish style clean exit.

The governing right-wing coalition, the PSD and the CDS-PP, faced a huge test at this election, since they had committed not only to fulfil this programme but to go beyond.

At the close of 2013, the minimum wage was 485 (frozen since 2011 unemployment had increased.3 percent, emigration escalated to over 100.000 and the economy contracted.4 percent (.

In the first quarter of 2014, a slight decline in unemployment rates and in Portugals 10 year bond spread, followed by the last review of the EAP, created momentum for the PSD and the CDS-PP to emphasise the successful.

The PS, in turn, saw no reasons to celebrate and mainly highlighted the negative repercussions of the austerity measures carried out over the last three years as well as the countrys poor economic performance.

Despite the fact that the conclusion of the EAP overshadowed all other political issues during the campaign, there was still some room for EU issues, at least in the parties manifestos.

Aliana Portugal (the PSD and the CDS-PP coalition) strongly supported the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance (tscg) and the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).

These were perceived as crucial mechanisms to prevent future scenarios of crisis.

Under the lemma of change the PS manifesto endorsed these policies but it also expressed a will for changes to happen both at the EU and national level, particularly in what regarded the implementation of policies encouraging economic growth.

On the far-left, the Left Block (BE the Communists and Greens coalition (CDU and the livre-Freedom, Left, Europe and Ecology (L) held more critical stances towards the tscg and the SSM, which they considered ineffective at addressing the causes and the consequences of the crisis.

With a more populist approach the conservative MPT rather criticised the EU democratic deficit and the lack of transparency in the decision-making processes.

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