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or a bundle offer, its a huge catalog of over 6,000 scenes.

On the surface of it, when most other VR porn sites have between 200 and 400 scenes, a single subscription that brings together 5,000 in one place, and throws in a free app to make watching a bit more convenient too.

But how does it stack up against the competition?

Check out the summary and full SexLikeReal review below.

SexLikeReal (SLR Quick Rating, sexLikeReal Review.99, name: SexLikeReal.

Description: SexLikeReal is a porn aggregator that brings together thousands of VR porn scenes from a huge number of different sites.

Not all are the very best quality available, but scenes are available individually, as well as part of a subscription.

Summary, sexLikeReal has a ridiculously large catalog, a super-convenient app that works with any headset setup and a Premium package that includes access to about two-thirds (5,000) of the entire catalog.

The app is free to download, and there are 24 full-length scenes included to get you started without handing over any cash at all.

Ease of Use, catalog Size, vR Quality.

Extras/Innovation, value, overall.6, sending, user Review.25 (20 votes pros.

Huge Number of Scenes, huge Performer Selection, app is Amazingly Convenient to Use (Tested on Oculus GO Only).

Premium Plan Offers Good Value on a Per-Scene Basis (2,000 Scenes for 30).

All Integrated Streaming and Downloads, cons, premium Plan Doesnt Include Biggest VR Studios.

Pay Per Scene Option Could Work Out Expensive.

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links that allow us to earn a small amount of money (at no extra cost to you) if you decide to purchase any of these products or services.

You can read more about our affiliate policy here.

SexLikeReal (SLR Design Features, headsets Supported, hTC Vive.

Oculus Rift, windows Mixed Reality, samsung Gear VR, cardboard/Generic Headsets.

Daydream, playStation VR, however you like to search and filter for your VR porn content, SexLikeReal will have you covered, as you can cut up the huge catalog pretty much anyway you like.

That in itself is more a necessity on SLR than it would be on some rival sites, simply because it has so many scenes to filter through each time.

Imagine just scrolling through 6,000 scenes to find something you wanted: itd be fine, but youd never find lots of scenes youd probably enjoy.

What this means is you can filter by studio, performers, niches, newness, tags, best sellers, your own favourites, and videos included in the Premium subscription option (more on that below).

Those filters are all additive, as well, so if you select a particular studio, then a particular tag, itll only show you results from that studio for that tag, for example.

Whether youre first accessing Sex Like Real on a desktop or mobile, the design, navigation, categorization and other options have been well thought out, and are clearly geared around making things easier for users.

For example, on each video, theres a play in DEO VR and play in SLR app button, which means you have the option of just hitting that and the video will start playing in your app of choice.

Naturally, both streaming and download options are available for all scenes and as always, youll get a better resolution from downloaded scenes than you will streaming them directly.

This is two badly cut together square screenshots from the Oculus GO SLR app from our testing.

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