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Ahsoka tano nude
there are worthy stories to be told within that time period. .

The cartoon show has introduced new characters and shown many more die. .

While it certainly follows Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the side characters are put in constant mortal peril and it creates a thrilling journey. .

Darth Maul has been revived in the series despite missing half of his torso (hes a little stir-crazy when we first meet him and the panel talked quite a bit about the upcoming season while also explaining the.

Instead of having the voice cast twiddle their thumbs as they rarely make creative decisions, last Saturdays panel featured the talents of supervising director.

David Filoni and head writer, matt Michnovetz moderated by, star Wars author, pablo Hidalgo.

 Hit the jump for the full recap of one of the most lively and interesting panels at Comic-Con this year.

The panel quickly began with the trio coming out with four different Clone Troopers to racuous applause. .

While they were certainly game, I hope someone informed all of them that they would be standing for over 45 minutes. .

The best part is that they did a remarkable job of staying still and werent moving around a lot or fidgeting. .

We were also shown many clips from the last season to catch people back. .

Darth Mauls return got a lot of applause and then the real revelations began as the lights came back. .

I should warn you now that what I learned may or may not be deemed a spoiler for the next season and beyond. .

These are things that will happen down the line, so for your sake I have moved all talk of the previous seasons to the front, with increasingly vague hints at spoilers after a designated point. .

Im a big fan and I didnt find anything too spoilery, but I want to give yall the benefit of that separation.

Darth Mauls return was actually requested from.

George Lucas himself, and Filoni mentioned how he was against this at first because it made things very difficult, not only as a repercussion but just the logistics and making it work. .

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