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Mom and son step

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Mom and son step
family includes all of the people in your father and mother's families.

Your sibling is your brother or sister.

If you have 1 brother and 2 sisters, then you have 3 siblings.

Your parent is your father or mother.

Your child is your son or daughter.

Your spouse is your husband or wife.

You may also have a stepfamily.

Your stepfamily includes people who became part of your family due to changes in family life.

These changes may include death, divorce or separation.

New partnerships create new children.

The new children and their relatives become part of your blended family.

Some people are born into a stepfamily.

Note that spouses and step-relatives are relatives by marriage.

They are not blood relatives.

Your father and mother are related by marriage.

But your father and you are related by blood.

My relatives relationship to me, i usually call male female him.

Parent relative of whom I am the child.

Father, Daddy, Dad, Papa, mother, Mummy, Mum, Mommy, Mom, Mama, Ma father mother sibling we have the same father and mother first name; sometimes Bro first name; sometimes Sis brother sister uncle aunt sibling of my parent Uncle first name.

For example, your parents are one generation, you and your siblings are the next generation, and your children and their cousins are another generation.

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