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Large hd tube
mix. .

It isnt worth a bean, if you havent got the ability to swing, he declares.

Indeed, the six-figure system assembled in room two is in full swing right now, but the amplifier powering the Sonus faber Guarneri Evolution speakers is the humble AVA Ultravalve, not the 65,000 Octave Jubilee monoblocks Ive been using for some time. .

This is truly an amazing amplifier. .

If I powder-coated the chassis a certain shade of blue-green, slapped an Air Tight badge on the front panel and told you I paid five figures for this little jewel, youd believe meits that good.

With so much excitement about the vinyl resurgence of the last few years, some of you have forgotten how popular vacuum tubes have also become lately. .

Yet, in the midst of these newer products sprouting up, its easy to forget some of the players that have been around for quite a while. .

Audio by Van Alstine (AVA) is that other amplifier company in MinnesotaAudio Research is located nearbyand it is a perfect example of a manufacturer that has quietly gone about its business making great products without a ton of fanfare.

 And you rarely see products from AVA for sale on the secondary market. .

The company obviously has a legion of loyal customers, No matter how much time I spend with mega-dollar power amplifiers, I always love a variation on the Dynaco Stereo 70 theme.

 While Ive never heard one that I didnt like, there are big differences between them. .

Some have a softer, warmer presentation and definitely embellish more than others; the original ST 70 is the prime example of that voicing. .

With these types of amps, your best recordings dont sound much better than your worst, but everything sounds somewhat liquid and dreamynot a bad place to hang your hat if you have a modest system, or a lot of MP3s.

Tube Through and Through, frank Van Alstine has been at this game for a long time.

 He started out modding and repairing Dynaco electronics 30-plus years ago, and revamped the ST 70 circuit so much over the years that it is now truly his own design now. .

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